A Day In The Life Of A Mover 

work for a moving company

Ever wondered what it was like being a mover or working for a moving company? Discover the answer with this guide to a day in the life of a mover. 


Working as a mover in a moving company is one of the most rewarding jobs on the market, which will always have a need for new movers to join the team. 


If you’re considering changing career paths or arent sure if moving work is right for you, we’ve got just the thing for you. Speaking to one of our MovingWork.com movers, we’ve got them to write about their average day to give you a first-person perspective on what it’s like as a mover. 


Ready to get started? Let’s see what a day has in store for our mover. 

Up and at ‘em! 


One of the great things about being a mover is that you can work flexible hours and days. A lot of the people I’ve met over the years are season-based and only work the summer while we face the busy period. 


Today, I’m starting bright and early and enjoying a cup of coffee before we head out. We’ll need the energy, as you’re never sure if you’ll have a nice easy driveway or be unlucky with 3 flights of stairs in an apartment complex to deal with. 


Either way, you can be assured that there’ll be plenty to do to keep you fit. Sitting still has never been my style, and working inside of an office would have bored me to tears. So getting up each day with something active and unpredictable brings a sense of excitement and mystery to each day. You just never really know what’s around the corner. 


Today we’re blessed with bright and sunny weather and a ground floor property, meaning no stairs for us to navigate! Most of our moves tend to be in summer, so we’re not usually too worried about the weather. Some days it rains, providing an extra challenge to move furniture and boxes without getting them wet and making sure that our footing is safe on the ground. 


And stairs… well stairs can always be a killer. But depending on how narrow the stairway is and our access points into a building, they pose interesting problems about how we’re going to get a particular item out safe and sound. Being a good mover gives you great problem-solving skills and spatial awareness, which can make you feel a little bit like a scientist as you work out just the right angle you need to perfectly get a dresser out of the corridor. It’s the little achievements that make the day great. 


Time for a chat

On this day, we have a nervous homeowner going through their first move, so we make sure to spend extra time talking to them and putting them at ease. Moving house is one of the most stressful situations that you can go through, so it makes sense that they want to make sure all of their most valued possessions are in safe hands. 


Once they’re reassured, you sometimes get a chance to talk about why they’re moving and hear some interesting stories along the way. Other days, you get left alone to do what you do best without any interference. It’s a roll of the dice. 


You’re never alone working as a mover. You’re always part of a team, which is incredibly important if you have any big or bulky items to move, like sofas. Communication here is key to making sure that everything is safely moved without injuries or incidents of anything getting stuck. You build up trust fast with your team, and we’ll always have each other’s backs. 

Move and unpack


Once everything is packed and loaded in the van, we move to the next location and reverse the whole process. 


All the boxes and furniture need to come out of the van and into the new home. Some clients will just need the boxes dropped off in the house, so we’re good to go to the next location or head on home as they figure out where to place all of their belongings. 


Today, we have a client who’s paid for us to unbox and place everything in their new designated place. And there’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing each item take its new home and the delighted joy of the owner as the place slowly becomes more them. This move saw a new couple upgrade into a house with an extra bedroom, which they delightedly tell us is for baby’s arrival.  They also have a much bigger kitchen this time around, which allows them to store some of the appliances away in cupboards that they didn’t have room for before. 


Once the house is unpacked, we take a minute to make sure that everything is done and feel the sense of accomplishment for helping someone move house in one day. You can see physical relief on their faces as they thank us, and we go home feeling great about our jobs and looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. 


Not every day will be the same. And that’s one of the best parts about working for a moving company – never truly knowing what you’ll face next. 

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