Application Tips To Get Your Next Mover Job

Applying for jobs takes skill, a bit of hard work, and plenty of determination. In some cases, getting the right job and building that perfect application is more stressful than the job itself. 


It’s understandable to see why. Application is a way of selling yourself and your best qualities to companies and proving why you’re the best person for the role. It’s a talent, but one that we’re here to help you perfect, with our top application tips to get your next mover job. 

Read the job listing carefully 


Your next mover job starts with a job listing, which details the role on offer, the requirements for the position, salary information, working hours or contract details, and the benefits of the company itself. 


The job listing will also include information about the moving company, including the vision and culture of the business. Now, this detail isn’t here for show – it serves a valuable purpose that shouldn’t be missed. 


Skim reading or not looking at job listings carefully isn’t great for your time or energy. Job listings are your information sheet, giving you all the information you need to know to answer these questions: 


  • Is this role right for me?
  • Can I carry out the requirements for this role?
  • Do I want to work for this company?
  • Do I fit into the company culture?
  • Are the benefits and salary right for me?
  • Is there anything putting me off this role? 


With careful attention, you’ll be able to determine whether a role is right before you waste your time and energy applying for it. 


But job listings don’t just help you find out if you should apply, but they also give you a cheat sheet on how to nail the application. Look at the language they use, the way they talk, and the skills and requirements they want. 


Then you can tailor your application to match this, using the same type of language, showing them you have the skills and experience you want, and proving that you’re the right match for the company and the role. 

Don’t apply for everything


When you’re looking for your next mover job, it can be tempting to apply for any, and every role that’s available in the moving company industry. But applying for everything, without careful consideration, is a waste of your time and energy. 


Instead of hitting apply on every single job that you come across, you’ll want to carefully consider every single role that you see. Think about what’s on offer and ask yourself, do you want this role? 


If one listing doesn’t look like it’s right for you, then don’t apply. Instead, use the time and energy to create a better application for the one you do want. 

Write a great resume 


Resumes are the centerpiece of any application. Every moving company will have a different application process. Some might get you to fill out a form, some will ask for cover letters, and some may ask long questions to get to know you first. 


But no matter where you apply, or what career you choose, you’ll need a resume to send. 


Your resume is a summary of your professional self, including your skills, your work experience, and your achievements. 


These are the building blocks of your resume. But simply listing them isn’t enough. For everything that you put on, you need to think about specific examples or data that you can use to back up your claims. 

For example, if you say you’ve got leadership skills, talk mention a team you’ve led in a previous role, or how under your leadership, your team was able to move house on time and never miss a deadline. 


Although you don’t want to write an essay on your resume (1-2 pages is enough), you should think about how you’re proving each item that you put on there. 


What’s more, the examples that you think of and give here will help you later down the line when it comes to your interview process. No work here is wasted. 

Personalize your application


Resumes and applications shouldn’t be a one-fits-all deal. They should be personalized and adapted to each job that you apply to. 


That doesn’t mean you need to rewrite your entire resume for every single job. For the most part, the bulk part of your resume will remain the same. But certain parts and skills will be reordered, refocused, and reemphasized depending on what the company and role are searching for. 


For example, if one company values teamwork the most on their listing, you can lead with that skill and examples of you being able to work well in a team. If one company lists being a team leader as a requirement, you can then alter this to give examples of how you lead a team, rather than being a team player. 


On your application, if you come across a question that asks why you want the role or want to work at the company, really think about how you can make this personal and stand out. Research the company, their work, and their values. Then relate your answer to these things and prove that you’re serious about the role. 

Don’t rush and check for mistakes 


Getting your application in quickly can have a great advantage over others, particularly if you’re applying during the moving company busy season between April and September. 


But there’s a difference between being quick, and rushing. Rushing an application opens you up for silly mistakes and spelling errors that you would never have made, or would have been able to fix if you gave yourself enough time.


When submitting your application, always take a minute to breathe, relax and check everything through with a fine-tooth comb. You want to show yourself in the best light, not your sloppy, panicked self. 

Keep your head up high 


Applying for jobs can be a daunting and exhausting process. If you don’t get much luck on your first application, that doesn’t mean that you won’t ever get a job. 


When applying for jobs in the moving company industry you should keep your head up high and not lose spirit. Keep applying, and that new mover job will be yours in no time at all. 

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