Five Benefits of Being a Truck Driver

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Every field comes with its appeal and allure. But you sure don’t want to dive headfirst into any career without knowing what no one ever knowing the cons to that particular industry. You need to be sure it’s a good fit for your skillset and qualifications and most importantly, how it will be beneficial to you.  And this is no different about the moving industry.


The truck driving business has always been an economic necessity and the backbone of anything logistics. Logistics and order and service fulfillment are all functions that companies need to meet. They do this by hiring truck drivers with the training, experience and fortitude to handle a busy and rewarding career in trucking. You want anything moved or delivered? A truck driver moved or delivered it. Simple. But has the business been lucrative? Well, keep up!


If you’ve been thinking about starting a career or switching jobs and you’re considering the moving industry, you probably should pay attention. Want to know all about the perks and benefits of the trucking business? Don’t sweat it. In this article, we’ll be dishing out all you need to know about the moving industry to help you make that decision.


Are you ready?



Skilled, safe, and professional truck drivers are highly sought after and well-compensated in the moving industry. Companies will even pay a signing bonus to new drivers. There are very few career paths you’ll take that will pay as good without a college degree. Even entry-level truck drivers make more money than some corporate jobs.


According to Cheap Movers St. Louis, salaries in the moving industry largely depend on the company’s types of moves. The lowest a mover could make in a year is around $19,000. In comparison, the average is about $66,000. Top performers often earning greater than $80,000/year. Now, there are higher-paying jobs, but one of the perks of working for a moving company is that you get a lot of tips for your hard work. Accumulated tips could add up after a few moves to a substantial amount of cash in your pockets. This means more moves, more money!


Improves your skills

Working as a professional truck driver will greatly improve your customer service skill as you interact with lots and lots of clients. With time, you’d find it easier and get better at it. You’ll be able to communicate better and anticipate what your clients want and need. You will also find that your organizational skills have greatly improved.


Keeps you fit

If you loathe the traditional desk jobs and want something challenging, you should consider being a truck driver. It is not only physically challenging but also mentally tasking. You won’t just have to flex your muscles but your brains too. And hey, now you can skip gym and their expensive membership and still stay stay fit!


Independence and Flexibility

As a truck driver, freedom is one of your most important perks. You’ll have the ability to travel the open road safely on your own hours, and not be stuck in a cubicle all day. You’ll never have a boss watching your every move or nagging about your performance. Enjoy your freedom on the open road!


Working for a moving company affords you much independence and flexibility you will not normally get in a conventional office job. 


You get to travel all over the country and see new sights and destinations. If there’s an area of the country you have been longing to see, you will as a professional truck driver.


Some folks don’t mind sitting behind a desk, answering emails, attending meetings, but others don’t have the patience for any of this. You’re definitely one of those if you’re reading this article. 


It takes a special kind of person to be a truck driver because it requires dedication. Still, that dedication is rewarded by avoiding the strange office politics and petty squabbles that people in office workers normally have to deal with and go through. Trucking means solitude; it means being your boss. It means managing the expanse of the road ahead of you and meeting your requirements your way, not someone else’s. And what other jobs can you think of where the scenery changes every day? 


You also get paid time off and other incentives depending on the company.


Job Security

In today’s unstable economy, many individuals are in constant fear of losing their jobs. Luckily, truck drivers enjoy an incredibly stable sense of job security. Truck drivers are a constant need for every single industry and profession. Without truck drivers, how would products be distributed? Small towns rely on truck drivers to keep their economies afloat and provide jobs for their citizens.


With all these benefits and more, it’s easy to see why people enjoy being professional truck drivers. 


There you have it, the five benefits of being a truck driver. Other benefits includes:

  • Health, dental, and life insurance
  • Opportunities to learn while you work
  • Retirement plans
  • Performance-based incentives


Believe me, that’s not all. Many truck drivers will listen to books on tape or other educational materials while on the road. It’s the ideal time to absorb some new knowledge while enjoying the solitude of the drive.


Becoming a truck driver can be a great career move, especially since you get to enjoy so many perks and incentives on the job. So, do you think you now have all you need to make an informed decision on the career path to take?


If you’ve been considering a job switch, the moving industry is as stable as it gets with a lot of free time and lucrativeness. Now is the time to put your career first and make that change. With great benefits and compensation, you may never go wrong with this choice.


So get there, explore the world. Travel, grow, enjoy the scenery, the sights, the sound. Welcome all of these benefits and incentives while you live your best life. But be careful. You might forget you’re on the job, because it sure won’t feel like it!


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