How To Find The Right Hire For Your Moving Company Jobs

Running a moving company is a challenging, yet rewarding, process. Although different moving companies will face their own set of obstacles to overcome, there is one factor that they all face: hiring the right person for the job. 


Without your employees, there’d be no one to move. But hiring the wrong people can be costly, cause expensive mistakes with customers and potentially damage your reputation. 


You need good, hardworking people that are right for the job. We’re here to help you find it, with these top tips on how to find the right hire for your moving company jobs. 

Create a great job listing 


First things first, let’s talk about your job listing. 


Job listings aren’t just a requirement for what your company needs. They’re advertisements to entice people to want to work for your company


Bad job listings will assume that anyone will take the job, or be desperate enough to apply to anything. That’s not the attitude you want to use for your job listings and will just lead to reduced applications of candidates that just aren’t the right fit. 


Before you post a half-thought-out listing, you need to carefully consider who you want to work for your company and why they would want you to hire them. Think about what your company offers in terms of benefits and career progression. Also, think about the vision and the values of your company, and what kind of person would fit right into your culture.


With that in mind, you can then write your listing to include: 


  • The job title and location
  • Education and experience requirements 
  • Responsibilities of the role 
  • Who they’d be reporting to, or what team they’d sit on 
  • Their expected tasks
  • The number of hours they would work and information on flexibility 
  • Salary information, either a fixed figure or a range. 
  • The benefits of the role and value proposition of your company 


If you’re unsure, get a friend or employee to read it. Ask them if they’d apply to this job or want to work here. If they say no, then revisit until you’ve got an enticing job listing nailed for your company. 

Post on your listing to the right places 


The biggest tip for how to find moving company jobs is to know where to look. 


No matter what area that you’re in, there will be dedicated job boards and groups that will post moving company jobs meant for you. This can include: 


  • Industry-specific pages on job websites, such as Indeed 
  • Websites designed entirely for moving company jobs, such as 
  • Dedicated Facebook Groups, such as The Movers Life or The Movers Syndicate. These groups are also a great idea to post what you’re looking for and see if any member can point you in the right direction. 


As well as using dedicated moving company job boards, you shouldn’t neglect other websites or ways of searching for a job. It’s always worth searching on other regular job sites or listing boards like Craigslist to see if anything is flying underneath your radar. 


Another option to consider is using a recruiter that specializes in Moving Company jobs and roles and they’ll be able to connect you directly to employers that are hiring and recommend you for upcoming roles.  

Ask your current employees to reach out


The more circles and places that you can spread the word about your company and your open roles, the more potential candidates you’ll reach. 


To do this, a great resource that you shouldn’t neglect are your current employees. Ask those who are working for you right now if they know anyone that would be a good fit for the job and to recommend them to the company. 


Asking your employees also brings the extra benefits of: 


  • Keeping your employees informed and part of the hiring process, making them feel more connected and part of the company
  • Getting high-quality referrals, as the employees will be staking their reputation on good hires 
  • Your employees act as ambassadors for your company, providing first-hand experience and proof of what it’s like to work there
  • Improved morale, especially if employees hire more friends and people they like into their teams 


You could also offer your employees a referral bonus if one of their friends gets hired, giving your current employees a big incentive to talk to their friends and contacts that might be suitable for the role. 


Typically, companies offer between $100-$500 referral fees, depending on the hire and how long they stay. There’s no set rule of what to offer here, but a good place to start is to think about the fees you would have to pay a typical recruiter or agency for part-time cover, and how much you could save by hiring organically. 


Then, pass these savings onto your employees. It gets you new labor and keeps your current employees happy, making it a win-win for your business. 

Consider using a moving recruiter 


Recruiters are a great way to take the stress off hiring a new employee for your moving company, as they’ll be able to post listings and find talent for you. They bring the talent in, you pick who you want to hire. 


Recruiters can also handle some of the negotiating phases for you, communicating with your candidates on your behalf, which saves you a lot of time. Most recruiters will also conduct an initial screening interview (usually via phone), making sure that the talent they find is worthy of your attention. 


However, using a recruiter can be costly and can take a large fee if a candidate that they chose gets hired by your company. 


If you’re hiring a lot of new roles, then the time and stress that recruiters can save you are easily worth this fee. If you’re only hiring for one or two, then a recruiter might not be worth the cost to your business. 

Be clear and transparent about salary

The job listing that you post for your positions should include information about the salary. Although some companies don’t reveal the salary until the end of the interviews, relying on a candidate’s expected range to inform a decision, it’s not always the best idea. 


Not including salary information can turn potential candidates away from your job listing, assuming that it will only pay minimum wage or lower than their expectations or requirements. 


Not sure what salary is right for your business? On average, labor costs in moving companies are set at around 28-35% of your gross, provided that this figure hits the minimum wage requirements in your area. 


  • For drivers, the average wage is between $15-$25 an hour. Long-distance drivers tend to be on a lower hourly wage but work longer hours. 
  • For movers, the average wage is between $11-20 an hour, largely depending on experience. 


On both of these examples, a lot of companies also chose to increase pay after 30-90 days of service, providing a good trial period to see if they’re right for your company and giving them the incentive to stick around. 

Prepare your interview in advance 


When you’ve found some good candidates for your job, it’s time to get them in for an interview to see if they’re the right fit for your company. 


Before it gets to this stage though, you need to prepare your interview process. What is it that you want to find out about your candidates before you hire them? 


Think about the essential things you need from potential employees, then frame them into questions or exercises to complete during the interview. For example, if they must have worked in the moving company industry before, get them to talk about past jobs and experiences. 


If you need to make sure they’ll be good in a team, ask them about a recent time they achieved a goal as a team. Ask them how they work with others, or what team role they usually play. And so on. 


You don’t just need to prepare what you’re doing to ask your candidates, but also have some answers in mind for any questions they might ask you. Interviews are good chances for candidates to find out more about your company and what it’s like to work for you, so make sure you have something prepped for this stage. 


If you haven’t already discussed it, you’ll also need to get ready for a chat about the salary and benefits of your company, including long-term progression options. 


In some cases, you might want to skip the traditional interview and just set a practical task or assignment instead. You don’t have to stay inside the box here, get creative in ways to make sure that your candidate is the right fit for your company. 


Just be wary of making the interview process isn’t too time or labor-intensive though, as some candidates may be put off by the process and believe that they are being used for free work without a hope of getting the job afterward. 

Create a checklist


One way to vet a candidate and assess that they’ll be a good fit for your moving company is to keep a checklist of all the skills, requirements, and experiences that you’re looking for in an employee. Once they’ve demonstrated that skill, through an interview, or otherwise, you can check it from your list. 


If they cross all your boxes, they’re likely to be a good fit for your company. If there are a few major boxes left unchecked, then you might need to look elsewhere. 


Another method for assessing if a candidate is a right fit is to reverse your viewpoint. Used by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this method tells you to imagine that the roles were reversed and you were working with your candidate. 


Would you want to work for them? If the answer is yes, then they would be a strong hire from your team. 


If the answer is no, then you have some doubts about them that you need to look at and factor into the hiring process. 

Don’t skip the vetting process


Even if you had the most charming interview ever and want to skip ahead to the hire, you should always make sure that your candidates are properly vetted to avoid mistakes further down the line. 


This includes checking references, or where appropriate, completing a background check if they are going to be involved with sensitive or vulnerable clients. 

Trust your instincts


Sometimes, we have gut reactions or feelings towards a particular person. Although there might not be any reason for it, we might immediately like or distrust someone. 


When it comes to finding the right candidate, you shouldn’t ignore your instincts as they could help you find the best hire for the role. We’re not saying that if you get a gut feeling you should abandon the interview process (some people might surprise you!) but you should keep them in as an extra factor when making your decision. 


This is also useful if you’ve got a lot of strong candidates and are struggling to pick just one to get the role. Let your instincts weigh in on which person you resonated with the most and would be the best fit for your company. 

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