Should You Use A Job Board To Find Your Next Moving Company Role? 

Whether you’re on the lookout for your next role at a moving company, or just simply decided that your career needs a change of pace and want to take advantage of the $86 billion industry that only continues to grow in America, we’re here to help you get your next role. 


And when it comes to finding a moving company job, there is one secret weapon that you should be taking advantage of, and that’s job boards. 


In this guide, we’ll discover what job boards are, why they can help you and how to use them to find your next moving company job. Let’s get started. 

What is a job board? 


A job board is a website where listings of jobs are found and collected into a single place. Websites such as Indeed are a great example of this, as it collects job listings from a range of industries and locations for you to search. 


There are two types of job boards available: 


  • A generalist job board. This is a website that displays job listings from a range of industries, showing all types of jobs available for users to search through, like Indeed. 
  • A niche job board. Instead of showing every job available, this type of job board will only show job listings for a particular industry or niche, such as moving company jobs. 

What are the benefits of using a job board to find a moving company role? 

Now you know the basics of job boards, why should you use them to find your next moving company role? These are the top reasons why they’ll help you in your career. 

  1. They save time


Instead of having to navigate through different websites or search through different systems like Linked In and more, you can see all the jobs that are right for you in one easy-to-use place. 


This is particularly true for niche job boards set up for the moving industry, like Every currently available job will be listed right in front of you, which means all you need to do is see which is right for you and apply. 


All that extra time saved will come in handy making sure you write a killer application and resume. 

  1. You can set up alerts 


Most job boards have built-in alert functions, which notify you as soon as another job is posted relevant to you. Just enter your email address and your preferences and done, you’re now first in the know when a new job is ready. 


This is a great tool for any industry – but one that we would strongly recommend taking advantage of during the removing company peak seasons between May and September. During this time, jobs go extra fast, so being one of the first applicants to send off your application is a great asset to have. 

  1. They give you industry insights


Having all job listings for a particular role or industry in one place can offer a lot of insights about your industry or the state of hiring in your location. 


For example, if you notice that there’s a lot of advertisements for drivers, you could assume that there is a shortage of that role within your industry. Or if you notice one skill or requirement that’s being listed on job listings, such as communication skills, you can use this to edit your resume and stress the skills that are most valued in your industry. 

Should you apply on the job board or the website? 


The easy answer to this one is to choose whichever that you prefer. Most of the time, no matter where you send your application form, they will all end up in the same place. This will be the inbox of whoever is in charge of hiring, or an applicant tracking system for the companies that have these in place. 


If you’re applying for a role within a small business, it will more than likely end up inside someone’s email inbox. And as the moving industry in America is made up of 7,000 different companies, with 47.8% employing less than 5 people, then it’s safe to say this is the process that they will use. 


When an application reaches the hiring manager’s inbox, they rarely know which website you used to apply for the role. Even if it did tell them, all they care about is your application and resume itself, meaning the choice of where you apply. 


The only time this will matter is if the hiring manager or HR takes note of which websites or pathways are the most successful, then use these as priority places to post their next listings. 

How to use a job board for moving company jobs 

To get the best use from job boards, we recommend following these top three pieces of advice. 


First, be clear on what it is you want. Job boards, and particularly niche job boards, are great for collecting listings into one place. But before you can use them to their full potential, you need to be clear on what it is you’re looking for and what your dealbreakers are. This will make the process a lot faster and smoother, letting you narrow down your searches to the listings that matter. 


Secondly, don’t forget to widen your net. Instead of searching for the exact title of the role, search instead for keywords or by location on niche job boards. This might reveal some jobs that are perfect for you but wouldn’t have normally come up. 


This happens because different companies may call the same role by different names, or have slightly adapted the name to alter the responsibilities that are included. For example, one company may advertise for a ‘Mover’ to focus solely on moving houses, while other companies may instead advertise for ‘Labourers’ for more general work and responsibilities. 


Finally, set up your job alerts! 


Job alerts are a great way to keep you posted on new listings and openings that are right for you. No matter which job board or website you use, make sure to sign up to notifications to be one of the first to know and apply. 


It also saves time having to manually scan each job board each morning, or manually refresh it in hopes that something new has come up in that time. 

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