The Top 5 Pros And Cons Of Mover Jobs

Think you’re ready for a career as a mover? Make sure you know the complete picture with the top 5 pros and cons of mover jobs.

Working for a moving company can be a dream job for some people. But, like most things in life, it’s not for everyone. 


To help you decide if working for a moving company is right for you, we’ve listed the top 5 pros and cons of working as a mover. 

1. You’re always on the move


Working for a moving company means that you’ll always be visiting new locations and travelling as part of your job. 


  • PRO: You’ll never be stuck inside an office again. 
  • CON: If you like routine and a set commute, the unpredictability might not be for you. 


2. It’s flexible 


Moving company jobs operate all days of the week, which gives you more flexible hours and days to choose from. 


  • PRO: You’ll have more freedom to work around your lifestyle – and pick up extra shifts when you need them. 
  • CON: Some people might struggle with long-term planning without the stability of a 9-5 role. 


3. It’s seasonal 


Moving company jobs are at their peak from April to September, which means there are more roles, jobs, and shifts available for these months. 


  • PRO: This is great for seasonal workers while giving people the freedom to pick up other Christmas/Thanksgiving roles to boost their income. 
  • CON: Your pay and hours may be more in the peak season, which might not suit those that want a fixed annual income. 


4. You’re part of a team 


Moves aren’t a one-person job. As a mover, you’ll be working as part of small teams to complete a job, creating a social and sport-like atmosphere around you and your coworkers.  


  • PRO: You’ll have a great chance to level up communication and leadership skills. 
  • CON: If you’re not a big team player, you might struggle. 


5. Moving jobs are physical 


If you work as a mover in a moving company, you will be on your feet, lifting boxes, carrying objects, and generally staying active up and throughout the day. 


  • PRO: No more sore muscles from sitting all day or need for a gym by moving throughout the day with this role. 
  • CONS: If you’re not physically fit or suffer from long-term injuries, you may struggle to take a mover role. Instead, you will need to look for driver, sales, or admin-based roles within moving companies. 

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If life as a mover doesn’t seem right, remember that moving companies are always looking for non-mover roles, such as receptionists, retail or sales staff, drivers, or maintenance workers. 

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