Using Moving Company Jobs To Travel The Country 

Moving company jobs are available all around the country, making them a great way to earn while you travel. Find out how you can use them to your advantage with this guide to using moving company jobs to travel the country.


The moving company is one of the best growing in America, creating around $86 billion in revenue as 31 million Americans relocate every single year.


It’s a booming industry to work for, that can offer a range of benefits, flexibility and a better lifestyle than being trapped inside a traditional 9-5 office job. 


No matter which state you’re based in, there will be American families ready to move and in need of moving companies to help them out. This makes it one of the most perfect jobs you can get if you’re planning on taking the great American roadtrip or explore new states. 

How can you use moving company jobs to travel the country? 


There are two main ways that you can use moving company jobs to travel the country. 


The first is by getting temporary placements or roles within moving companies as you travel around the country, allowing you to pay your way through your travels. This is a great option for those who enjoy a bit of spontaneity when travelling – or have strict savings that need topping up between each destination. 


Working when travelling used to mean a lot of bartending work or minimum wage service jobs. Although they are good options for some people, they don’t work for everyone. This has been especially true over the past few years, where hospitality industries have suffered a tremendous hit during the pandemic. 


Getting part time or temporary roles at moving company jobs are often a better option for travellers for the following reasons: 


  • There are more roles on offer, including movers, drivers, riggers, warehouse workers, packer, receptionist and more. No matter what your skillset is, there’s bound to be a position that suits you. 
  • The hours are more flexible. People move every day of the week, allowing you to choose shifts and hours that work around your schedule. And unlike some bartending or hospitality roles, you won’t be expected to work during the night if that doens’t suit you. 
  • You’re part of a team, giving you a chance to meet and bond with others in every area that you travel to. This is a great way to meet locals and get insider tips on the best locations to visit, while also giving you good communication, teamworking and leadership skills that you’ll be able to put on your resume and use for the rest of your career. 
  • It keeps you active and fit. Working for a moving company doesn’t just move houses, it gets you moving too. If you’ve taken on work as a mover, be prepared to lift furniture, carry boxes and generally be active throughout the day. That should combat the diner and takeout food throughout your travels. 


To gain access to these benefits, all you need to do is apply and take on moving company roles wherever you travel. 

Make use of long-distance driving


The second way of using moving company jobs to travel is to become a long-distance driver for a moving company and see the country as you drive between destinations. 


Drivers are an important part of the moving company industry. If you don’t want to relocate, but still want to take in the sights and see different parts of the country, then long-distance driving for cross-state moves will be a perfect option for you. 


You’ll get to spend a lot of hours on the road and seeing different parts of the country. Then on your breaks, you’ll be free to explore as you want before heading back home. 


Just be warned that this is all dependent on when and where people are moving across America. This means that you can’t just pick and choose where to go, and may end up driving similar busy routes. And in case you’re wondering, the biggest cross-state moving routes are: 


  • California to Texas
  • New York to Florida
  • California to Washington
  • California to Arizona
  • New York to California


If you’re based in California, you might be a winner here as 3 of the biggest moving routes start here, allowing you to branch out and see more of the country.  

Seasonal workers are always accepted


The moving company busy season lasts from April to September, quietening down just after Labor Day. There are a couple of reasons for this, including more school holidays for families to move without disrupting children’s education, a housing market boom, better weather, and better vacation days. 


The good news for you is that during these busy months, there is a big demand for temporary and seasonal workers to help ease the load and make it through the rush. 


If you want to live somewhere else for a few months, whether you want to test the waters before college or just feel like being somewhere new, moving company work is a great way to pay your way through the summer, no matter what state you’re in. 


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