When Is The Best Time To Work For A Moving Company? 

Looking for your next role in a moving company? Find out when the best times to apply and work for a moving company are in this in-depth guide to the industry’s best months.


Working for a moving company has a ton of benefits, including competitive pay, flexible hours, and a chance to build great social and teamwork skills in an environment that’s as far away from a 9-5 office role as you can possibly get. 


But like with most industries, working for a moving company is not the same every single month. There are busy seasons and off seasons, which means that some months are better to work and apply for a moving company. 


This brings us to this guide to the best times to work for a moving company. Read on to find out more. 

When is the best time to work for a moving company? 


The best time to work for a moving company is during summer, where the industry has its busy season. This means that there’ll be more roles and work available, allowing you to find the right role for you. 


Generally speaking, the busiest times for moving companies is between April and September, with moves slowing down after Labor Day. There are a few reasons that moves are so popular during these months, such as: 


  • School holidays, which make it easier for families to move without taking their kids out of school or disturbing a school year if they need to transfer to a different location. 
  • Better weather for non-Californians, reducing the chance of ice, rain, or snow, making your move more difficult than it needs to be. 
  • Work schedules tend to be more relaxed for those in a 9-5 office job, meaning it’s easier to take and use vacation days to move home. 
  • The housing market is booming, which more properties available and on the market during summer. Sadly, you can’t move without having somewhere to move to, so the moving company busy season depends heavily on the housing market one. 


If you’re interested in seeing some stats about moving, this is what percentage of total moves took place in each month. 


Month Percentage of total moves 
January  3%
February 6%
March 9%
April 8%
May 10%
June 13%
July 12%
August 14%
September 9%
October 7%
November  6%
December  3%


As you can see, March to September are the most popular months for Americans to move, containing a combined total of 75% of all moves. 


Both January and December have the lowest percent of moves, making them the quietest times of year on the moving front. If you’re used to seasonal jobs and positions, this would be a great time to take on a temporary Christmas placement for another industry, such as retail, while moving takes a backseat. 

Can you get jobs for a moving company during the off-season? 

Yes, you can get a job at a moving company all year round. However, there are more roles and opportunities available during the busy season, which gives you the best chance of finding the best role for you. 

When should you apply for a moving company role? 

Generally speaking, the best time to apply for a moving company job is during the busy season, when more roles and opportunities will be available. 


However, this depends on what type of role that you’re interested in. If you just want a temporary seasonal job, then you’ll want to keep an eye on the job boards around the time the busy season starts in April. 


If you’re looking for a permanent role, you may have to dig through more temporary listings around this time – and moving companies might not have the time to consider full-time workers. For this, you might find more luck around the end of the busy season when temporary worker contracts are coming to an end, from September onwards. 


But that doesn’t mean you should limit your job search to only happen in between these months. There are always positions going for moving companies – it’s just about knowing the right places to look for them. 

Where is the best place to find a moving company job? 


The best place to find job roles and opportunities for moving companies is using a niche job board. 


Job boards are websites that list all the available openings and roles in one place, so you can scroll through and find the one that suits you the best. Generally, there are two types of job boards, a generalist one that posts listings from any industry and type, like Indeed, and a niche job board that only collects listings for a particular industry. 


A niche job board for moving companies would therefore only collect and post job roles for moving companies, making it the one-stop place to find your next job. 


And before you go wondering about where to find that job board, let us introduce you to MovingWork.com. No matter what type of moving company job that you are interested in, driver, mover, rigger, or more, we’ve got it covered across every single state ready and waiting for you. 

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